“The Universal Antioxidant” ~ Your Key to Weight Loss

Is ALA the New Silver Bullet of Weight-Loss?
Recent study proves it boosts weight loss efforts and more

While American contends with a growing obesity epidemic, there is also a growing body of scientific research dedicated to finding a solution. A recent study, published in the journal Obesity, suggests that along with calorie reduction, the dietary supplement alpha-lipoic acid is a safe and effective aid in weight loss efforts.

Why ALA?
Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) has several benefits including its antioxidant abilities in both water and lipid soluble parts of the cell and cell membrane. What’s more, ALA can regenerate other antioxidants and also remain active once it neutralizes the free radicals that are believed to be responsible for a host of degenerative and chronic diseases.

Studies have also shown ALA’s significant benefits in slowing down the aging process, especially in the brain. Recently, pre-clinical studies indicated that ALA helps boost metabolism, promotes the burning of fat as energy, reduces food intake, and in turn helps with weight loss.

New Data

“Results showed that weight loss brought positive changes in lipid and glucose profiles.”

To further clarify earlier ALA findings, researchers launched a 10-week study. Ninety-seven overweight or obese women were put on a weight loss promoting diet of 30 percent less than total energy expenditure. The women were divided into four groups. There was one control group and the remaining participants were given either ALA 300 mg; EPA (long-chain omega-3 fatty acids); or ALA 300 mg and EPA 1.3 g.

At the end of the 10 weeks, effectiveness was ascertained by measuring changes in body weight, body composition, basal metabolic rate, waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, serum glucose, and insulin and lipid results.

Not surprisingly, results showed that weight loss brought positive changes in lipid and glucose profiles. However, weight loss was found substantially higher in women who supplemented with ALA, or in combination with EPA. The control group lost an average of 11.44 pounds; the EPA group 11.88 pounds; the ALA group 15.4 pounds; and the ALA + EPA group lost 14.3 pounds.

The Take Away Message

“[ALA] produces a myriad of other benefits in addition to promoting weight loss.”

The results of this study are quite encouraging. This jack-of-all-trades supplement is not only safe, but it also produces a myriad of other benefits in addition to promoting weight loss. It’s important to note that dosages for insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs may be need to be altered as supplementation with ALA may actually improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. As always, it’s wise to touch base with a trusted medical professional to determine if ALA is a good addition to your daily supplementation.

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