11 Things You’ll Love About Coconut Oil

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Looking for a tasty “superfood” to bump up your healthy diet? Coconut oil is surely the Swiss Army knife of superfoods with its unique combination of medium chain fatty acids that provide a myriad of positive health benefits. These fatty acids are metabolized different than saturated fats found in steak or cheese.

Banana Oatmeal Muffins: All the taste and none of the guilt

Banana muffins with oat flakes

These moist and flavorful muffins make a perfect on-the-go breakfast or afternoon snack. Unlike tempting, empty calorie baked goods, this month’s healthy muffin recipe is tasty and guilt-free. Yogurt replaces some of the oil in the recipe and keeps the muffins moist. Consider freezing an extra batch to have on hand for those cold winter mornings or unexpected visitors.