Steps To Better Health: The Benefits of Walking with a Buddy

Next time you pick up the phone to schedule lunch with a friend, rethink your plan. Instead of sitting, eating and chatting, you could be walking, breathing in nature and catching up with your buddy!

A walking date can be like any other social commitment that you don’t want to cancel. What’s more, research has even shown that those who work out together may be able to maintain a harder effort without realizing it. That is, you pain threshold may increase to the point that you can take on that dreaded hill and forget all about the muscle burn you would normally focus on when you’re done.

However, the benefits aren’t all physical. In fact, as anyone who regularly walks with a buddy can attest to the mental health benefits can often be as great as the physical health benefits. Your walking buddy can become a sounding board you can turn to discuss life’s issues.

Take home message? Find yourself a walking buddy, your mind and body will thank you for it!