9 Natural Supplements You Should Take To Lower Blood Pressure

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These supplements to lower blood pressure could help you manage your heart health. Ask your doctor about them at your next visit. 1. Vitamin D Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, it’s actually a prohormone. Strictly speaking, vitamins are nutrients that our bodies can’t make. So, we normally rely on our diet and supplements to get … Read more

8 Benefits Of Laughing To People’s Health

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Have you noticed how frequently laughing people live happily and healthily compared with others who don’t usually laugh? There’s actually a science behind it. In this article: What Is Laughter in Science? Laughing Is Universal What Does Laughing Do to Your Body? Health Benefits of Laughter How Laughing People Benefit from Frequent Laughter What Is … Read more

5 Foods That Help with Joint Pain

We’ve all heard about the dangers of inflammation, but many people don’t truly understand what this is, why it’s harmful for the human body and the damage it can cause. Inflammation actually occurs as a normal part of how our bodies protect and heal themselves from illness and injury. If you cut your hand, blood … Read more

Sexuality & Aging – The Myth and the Reality

We’ve all heard that once people reach a certain age, they stop having sex. Why? Is it that they just don’t have urges anymore? Or perhaps their health isn’t good enough? Would it surprise you to learn that 40 percent of men and women between ages 65 and 80 are still sexually active. In fact, … Read more

7 Habits That Help Us Stay Young

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None of us are getting any younger. As we age, a great many things happen in our bodies. Basically, things begin to wear out. We start to feel tired — a lot. Once you get over 40, your vitality begins to decline. Some days, you don’t even feel like getting out of bed. But there … Read more

9 “Healthy” Foods With Hidden Sugar and Their Alternatives

Most of us are aware of the dangers of excessive sugar such as weight gain and type 2 diabetes. We have cut down on obvious culprits like gooey desserts and sugar-laden sodas. However, you might be surprised to learn this ubiquitous ingredient (under sneaky pseudonyms) can be found in a host of ‘healthy’ foods.

5 Ways to Manage Your Blood Pressure – Naturally!

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For many adults, blood pressure is a big concern—especially as they age. Unfortunately, the body goes through some changes during the aging process that can naturally increase blood pressure. Paired with unhealthy lifestyle choices that also lend themselves to increased blood pressure, this can lead to some health complications. Fortunately, there are many natural ways … Read more