New research reveals 4 ways to keep brain young

Perhaps you’ve heard that exercising and sleep slows brain aging.

But now researchers have dug deeper and found other lifestyle tweaks that can have an equally beneficial impact on your brain.

1. Energize brain with squash: That’s right, the Journals of Gerontology reports that eating squash daily could cut your dementia risk by 20%, plus help your brain function as if it were three years younger. It turns out that beta-carotene – the orange pigment – in butternut and acorn squash nourishes and energizes brain cells, plus block the formation of damaging plague inside brain arteries.

2. Clear brain fog with broccoli: A study in the journal Genesis suggests that eating three cups of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) weekly could shake off brain fog, often within six weeks.

3. Sweep trouble away with onions: Spanish researchers say that consuming as little as ¼ cup of any type of onion each day slows brain aging 21% or more – and makes your brain function as if it’s six years younger.

4. Your brain’s fav drink: Sipping two cups of green tea daily revs the flow of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to your brain 25%, staving off brain aging. According to Mount Sinai researchers, it boosts your focus, concentration and short-term memory 18% or more.