How Sex Drive Changes Through the Years

The human sex drive is a mystery to many scientists. Of course, hormones play a role, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Libido is the word used to describe our sex drive. It includes the physical, sexual, social and psychological factors. For men, the hormone, testosterone, is essential. For women, it’s estrogen. Both of these hormones are important and yet they are only one small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Sexuality and Aging

When a man is in his teens and early twenties, he will experience perhaps his strongest sex drive. It has been said that men think about sex every few moments. A recent study showed that this is probably not true. They do, however, think about sex more often than women. But these thoughts are not all erotic. Often, men are worried about their performance.

Will they be able to please the woman?
Will their performance measure up?

While a man is concerned about these issues, a woman is usually more concerned with settling down and having a family.

When should that happen?
What if she waits too long and can’t have kids?

So you see, a lot more is going on behind the scenes than one might suspect. For women, these worries can prevent them from really opening up to a partner and trying to develop a lasting relationship. For a man, these anxieties can result in performance issues in the bedroom.

For women, they are the most fertile during their teens and late 20s. Some research shows that, as fertility declines, a woman’s interest in sex goes up. Men continue to have a strong sex drive throughout their lives, even into their sixties and beyond. This is true in spite of the fact that a man’s testosterone begins to decrease around age 35.

Men in their 20’s report issues with erectile dysfunction (ED). Though the condition can be related to a medical or mental health problem, it can also simply be nerves or stress.

Of course, for both men and women, this can be influenced by a whole host of issues from stress and family to work commitments. Some studies have shown that women between the ages of 27 and 45 have the best sex of anytime throughout their lives. They are also more willing to have sex sooner in a relationship as opposed to waiting until they know the individual better.

Staying Active

As men get into their forties and fifties, they may experience some problems in their sex lives. This is most often associated with the fact that, as we age, we tend to stop being as active as we once were.

When you were in your twenties, you perhaps went camping, swimming or hiking with friends. Once you get into your forties and fifties, your lifestyle usually changes. It’s easy to care less about our fitness and our physical appearance. This can lead to less sex and a decrease in the intensity of feelings.

Life is all about changing and evolving. Most of these changes are completely normal, but if you’ve experienced less sex or a decrease in satisfaction, then there’s no reason to just settle for it.

There are lots of ways to deal with these issues. Check out these:

Join A Gym

Joining a gym can be a great way to get in shape and make some new friends. Be sure to check out all the classes your gym offers for some additional workouts.

Take Up A New Hobby

Whether you enjoy rock collecting or rock climbing, it’s fun to learn about a new subject and this is a wonderful way to keep your mind and body active.

Below are a few more ways to stay active in your mind and body:

  • Make some new friends
  • Try something new and adventurous like skydiving or parasailing
  • Change your wardrobe
  • Join a club

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