Exercise Your Legs – Benefit Your Brain

Exercise Your Legs – Benefit Your BrainScientists believe that exercise stimulates the growth of new healthy mitochondria, and in turn a more efficient metabolism, over time. But did you know that it’s not just your body that benefits? That’s right, your morning jog is doing way more than burning off that office place donut and here’s why.

Recent technological advances such as genetic microarray chips and sophisticated microscopes have allowed researchers to identify the molecules in the body that support growth of mitochondria and youthfulness. They are thus able to identify many of the specific cellular effects of exercise – especially in large muscles.

Scientists now believe the primary molecule in the body that stimulates growth of mitochondria – PGC-1alpha – is activated by exercise. This “exercise molecule” activates the growth of new mitochondria; therefore even older people may enjoy certain aspects of youth. Not only fostering strong muscles and endurance, but also. brain power.

So you see, when you exercise your legs, for example, PGC-1 alpha is stimulated all over your body. That means that by exercising one part of your body, you can build up the mitochondria all over your body … including the brain!