Aging Skin & Free Radical Theory | Do Free Radicals Cause Aging?

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The familiar adage “beauty comes from within” has been bandied about since time in memoriam. However, now there is a growing body of scientific evidence supporting the theory that youthful, beautiful skin is, indeed, a reflection of what is going on inside your body at the cellular level.

9 Natural Supplements You Should Take To Lower Blood Pressure

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These supplements to lower blood pressure could help you manage your heart health. Ask your doctor about them at your next visit. 1. Vitamin D Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, it’s actually a prohormone. Strictly speaking, vitamins are nutrients that our bodies can’t make. So, we normally rely on our diet and supplements to get … Read more

Stress for the Best: Can Resveratrol Make Us Healthier?

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What is resveratrol and what does it mean to our health? A polyphenolic compound, resveratrol seems to help plants and animals survive under stress. Although not yet considered a vitamin, resveratrol may also be an effective supplement against human neuro-degenerative and age-associated diseases. To better understand resveratrol’s potential benefits, let’s start with the plants that … Read more

Cellular Health for a Strong Heart


As you age, your heart function naturally diminishes. Emerging research suggests that this could be due to changes in mitochondrial function. Therefore, improving mitochondrial function may help to keep your heart stronger, even as you age. The mitochondria, or the “powerhouses of the cell,” as you may have learned in school, are specialized organelles found … Read more