Exercise: Gene Activator for Health and Strength

Exercise: Gene Activator for Health and Strength

Juvenon Health Journal Volume 2 Number 4 – April 2003 Wishful thinkers are often ingenious in their ability to rationalize the avoidance of exercise. Some worry whether too much exercise would wear them out prematurely. Others question whether an older body really needs to break into a sweat. Recent discoveries, combined with a widely accepted … Read more

Defying the years

Monday, December 02, 2002 BY AMY ELLIS NUTT STAR-LEDGER STAFF OAKLAND, Calif. — Time unravels us. Day by day, it peels away the layers of our lives until nothing is left but the nub of our own mortality. Human beings are the only animals on the planet capable of contemplating their own demise. We mourn, … Read more

UC Berkeley Press Release

UC Berkeley Press Release — Feb. 18, 2002 Berkeley – Two dietary supplements straight off the health food store shelf put the spark back into aging rats, and might do the same for aging baby boomers, according to a study at the University of California, Berkeley, and Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. A team of … Read more