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Bruce Ames

Five experts talk about what they take and offer tips for getting the vitamins and nutrients you need. Timothy Archibald for Newsweek Bruce Ames PROFESSOR, U.C., BERKELEY He takes: Acetyl-carnitine, lipoic acid and a multivitamin Tip: Try to eat well, but take a daily multivitamin for insurance By Jennifer Barrett Newsweek Jan. 16, 2006 issue – If you … Read more

Familiar Amino Acid with New Potential: Cysteine

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), more simply known as oxidants, are the widely recognized culprits responsible for the functional decline of the mitochondria during aging (mitochondria are the organelles that power all of our cells, except red blood cells). In a recent animal study, scientists demonstrated that by restricting the caloric content of the diet of … Read more


DO YOU HAVE TO AGE? HOW SCIENCE IS FINDING WAYS TO HELP YOUR CELLS SAY NO By MARY CARMICHAEL AND JENNIFER BARRETT OZOLS | NEWSWEEK From the magazine issue dated Jan 17, 2005 Though death is still as inevitable as taxes, future generations may age more slowly and live significantly longer. Here are five scientists … Read more

Americans More Concerned with Physical and Mental Deterioration than Vanity; Energy Decline More Prevalent in Women Age 45+ Than Men

America’s “Attitudes on Aging” Explored in Nationwide Study Orinda, CA – May 25, 2004 – A study released today debunks the common perception that Americans are obsessed with vanity when it comes to aging. The study, commissioned by emerging nutraceutical company, Juvenon, Inc., shows that for two out of three Americans, the leading age-related worry … Read more

The French Paradox and Red Wine

Two people toasting red wine | Foods That Help You Look Younger | facial muscles

Wouldn’t it be nice to wine and dine on mouth-watering, high-fat foods, and still maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as a sharp mind? And maybe live longer as well? Research data indicate this is exactly what the French are able to do. The French are known for their high intake of fatty foods … Read more

Antioxidants: How They Protect Our Cells 10/03

Juvenon Health Journal volume 2 number 10 October 2003 By Benjamin V. Treadwell, Ph.D. It’s likely that anyone who pays even passing attention to his or her health is aware that antioxidants are generally good for us. But what are they, really? How do antioxidants work? Are some better than others? WHAT ARE ANTIOXIDANTS? Before … Read more

Type 2 Diabetes: A Preventable Epidemic

Type 2 Diabetes: A Preventable Epidemic

The incidence of type 2 diabetes throughout the world is estimated to grow to 250 million people within twenty years. In the United States, 30% of newborns are expected to develop the disease during their lifetimes. These statistics are alarming, but they don’t have to be anywhere near that bad.