Advice on Getting Off Your Duff

No, we aren’t going to chide you on your couch potato habits, per se. Rather, we are going to let the scientists do it. You see, there’s been a lot of research in the last few years on just how awful long-term sitting spells can be for your health. Obviously, physical health suffers, but now researchers are finding out that lots of sitting can also affect mental health.

One area of particular study is at the workplace, which is more often than not an office. Experts say this goes against our evolutionary nature to be on the move. Still, not all of us are cut out for a career as a hunter-gatherer nomad. A recent study discovered some strategies that can reduce sitting times at the office. Out of 38 different interventions studied, the scientists found that the most effective included: sit-stand desks, tracking amount of time sitting, setting goals for limiting sitting time and using cues or reminders to stop sitting. Why did these methods rise to the top? Well, it seems that targeting the sitting time is more effective than targeting physical activity.

Remember, dear sitters, in the long run, both your body and brain will suffer from too much sitting. However, a healthy dose of self-awareness and a few lifestyle tweaks can reduce the health risks!