5 Simple Stress Busters

Perhaps you think you’ve heard everything there is to be said about stress. Indeed, stress is so common in the U.S. that it causes three-quarters of us to experience physical and psychological issues on a regular basis. What might be surprising is that not many of us actually take measures to reduce stress. Try out these simple and quick ways to cut down on stress.

  1. Hug Someone You Love: Studies show that physical affection from a loved one can lower blood pressure. And simply knowing someone is there is sometimes enough to help you manage stress.
  2. Get Sunny: Have you ever noticed that you feel better just going outside and feeling the sun on your face? Sun is a powerful weapon against stress because it affects the body’s level of serotonin, an euphoric neurotransmitter. Boost the mood benefits by coupling your outside time with some exercise, as well.
  3. Pet An Animal: Unconditional love from a furry friend is one of the best stress relievers around.
  4. Talk it Out: Stress can occur from keeping your emotions in. Talk it through with a friend to help get things in perspective.
  5. Perform an Act of Kindness: That’s right, doing something nice for someone else will make you feel happier while reducing stress. Consider volunteering on a regular basis or simply look for opportunities throughout the day to practice random acts of kindness.