4 Ways To Battle Bone Aging

Contrary to popular belief, dairy isn’t the only food that helps build strong bones. New research suggests there are other foods that can potentially slash your risk of osteoporosis by 50%.

  1. Get Green
    Green beans are rich in the mineral silicon that jumpstarts the formation of healthy new bone tissue. University of California, Davis scientists say its even more effective than calcium. How much is enough? Aim for two cups of green beans a week or enjoy a glass of beer, which is another great source of silicon.
  2. Purple and Red Grapes Boost Growth
    You’ve probably heard about the benefits of resveratrol, which is found in dark grape skins and red wine. Well, here’s another reason to be a grape lover. According to one study, this nutrient increases your production of bone-building enzymes in as little as three months.
  3. Reach for a Drumstick
    Dark chicken meat is an excellent source of vitamin K-2, a nutrient that cuts your risk of bone breaks by 60%. Other good sources of this vitamin include cheese, egg yokes and ground beef.
  4. Getting to the Root of Bone Health
    Scientists say that a steady dose of strontium in your diet prevents bone thinning as effectively as calcium. Yummy roasted root veggies, such as carrots and turnips, are top sources of this, filling porous patches in the bones so they stay strong.